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14 November, 2015

Competition centre

Hash House will be at Nacka Strandsmässan, Augustendalstorget 6, 131 52 Nacka Strand. Look for controls to end up in the right place, 

Please, avoid dirty shoes in the dining area. Please leave it in the hallway.

Communication and Parking

Take the buses from SLussen towards Nacka Strand or Nacka Forum. Cars can park in connection to the Hash House (the normal parking in the area). For public transportation, see


RUN: Male, Woman, Mixed, Veterans Male and Veterans mixed

BIKE: Male, Woman, Mixed, Veterans Male and Veterans mixed


The competition area consist of 2 forest areas of different sizes with “cities” in between for RUN and 3 areas for BIKE

Please, respect other persons in the area.

Start and Finish

In connection with the Hash-house.

Map and start

Maps will be distributed from 11:00 at the Hash House,

Start at 12:00.

You will receive one small map with controls in Erstavik area and one clean big map. 

Finish BIKE

Until 16:00, after that the points will be discounted with 20 points per started minute. 

Finish RUN

Until 18:00, after that the points will be discounted with 20 points per started minute. 

Number of controls

30 controls. Please note that RUN and BIKE have different maps and in some cases different controls.

Max distance at the controls for RUN 20m and for BIKE 30m. The rest of the course the team must be within hearing distance.


Between 20 and 100 points per control. The first digit in the control number shows the point in 10s. Control 21 =20 points, control 55=50 points.

Terrain description BIKE

Mainly asfalt, dirt roads and larger forest trails. Minor technical areas exist. Respect the forbidden areas and follow the normal traffic rules.

Terrain description RUN

The forest is mainly easy running. A number of small and medium sized paths cross the area. Quite much running in village area.

Private and cultural areas

It is absolutely forbidden to run or bike over private house areas. The golf course is forbidden to cross. There are a number of forbidden areas marked on the map with red stripes.

Avoid crossing the golf courses.


Due to the heavy traffic we recommend that you have reflexes to be seen.

Equipment BIKE

White front light, and red light back must be used from around 15:00. A bell is good to make other persons in the area aware of your presence.


SportIdent. One SI card per team. Remember to empty your SI card in the “Töm” unit. At each control put the SI card in the unit and wait for both light and signal. Check that you have the right SI card when arriving to the Hash House

Loaned SI cards

Will be handed out at the Hash House. Lost SI card will be charged with 600 SEK.

Refreshment points

At least One refreshment point will be the area.

At the Hash House water and bananas will be available


BIKE Scale 1:15 000, RUN 1:15000.

Changing and cleaning

Indoors but only heated water in bucket, Norwegian cleaning with wet towel cleaning


The best runners will be awarded

Award ceremony around 17:00 for Bike and 19:00 for Run

Entry fee

Cash at arrival to Hash House. Or earlier via Plusgiro)

Late entris

Late entries, 500 SEK per person, will be accepted as long as we have maps. 


Ola Kåberg, 070-323 66 95,