Competition Center   

Hash House will be in the Stockholm area. The exact place will be revealed in PM the week before the competition. Possible to go by tram or bus to Hash House. Open from 09:30-20:30.


Men, Women, Mixed, Men’s veterans, Women’s veterans, mixed veterans and juniors - same for the bike category. Veterans are those born in 1966 or earlier. If the classes are too small, we may amalgamate them

Participants per team

2-5 participants per team. The team must be within seeing and hearing distance all race. At punching the maximum allowed distance between team mates is 20 m, for bikers 30m.

Start and finish

Team envelopes will be handed out at Hash House from 10.00. The map will be handed out at 1100, start at 1200 and finish at 1800 for runners, 16.00 for bike.  Lamp is recommended for those who intend to stay out longer than 3-4 hours! We also recommend usage of reflective vests.


Approximately 30, depends on the courses


Between 20 and 100 points per control.


To collect as many points as you can in 6 hours for RUN and 4 hours for BIKE. Teams who score the same number of points will be differentiated by their finishing time, i.e. first back gets the better placing. If you finish after 18.00 or 16.00 for BIKE, you will lose 20 points for each started minute.


SI- units. One SI card per team. 


The drinks points on the course and in the Hash house with water and sports drink. Drinks points will be out in the terrain from 12.30. There will also be drinks, bananas, raisins at the Hash House. Dinner after the race is included in the fee, served after the competition in the Hash House. 


Scale 1:10000 – 1:50000


Heated outdoors


Prizes to the leading teams from our sponsors.

Entry fee

SEK 500 per athlete, including dinner. 400 SEK per athlete without dinner.


Per e-mail to:

State class , team name, name of all team-members, SI-card number, Vegetarian or any allergics for the food and mobilenumber during the competition day. State NO DINNER if that is your choice.

By the latest Sunday the 13th of November.  Late entry the week before or on site if enough maps, entry fee + 100 SEK per person. 

Paying on the day possible for foreign teams by arrangement with the Organiser.


Ola Kåberg, 070-323 66 95,


 Welcome to Stockholm Rogaining 2016!